maandag 20 maart 2017

Beatrix Potter's Lake District

'Peter lost one of his shoes among the cabbages, and the other shoe amongst the potatoes.'

'Mr. Jeremy put on a mackintosh,
and a pair of shiny galoshes; he took
his rod and basket, and set off with
enormous hops to the place where he
kept his boat.'

When in the Lake District you simply have to visit Hilltop farm, the home of Beatrix Potter, illustrator and writer. I think we all read or were read her little books when we were young, and enjoyed the tales of Peter Rabbit, mr Jeremy Fisher, Johnny town-mouse and many others.

So it was that on a warm spring day in May we drove through the village of Hawkshead, parked our car and walked the short distance up to the house. I thought it would be incredibly busy, but there were only a handful of people waiting for the gate to open. Such a relieve to walk through the house undisturbed, and take it all in. Somehow I had always imagined the house to be large and light, but the ceilings were low and the rooms tiny, but all decorated in a simple, but sweet way. I enjoyed walking from room to room, see her writing desk and bedroom, the paintings on the walls, and to walk through her garden before leaving.

We only stayed for a week in the Lake District, but it's beauty left a lasting impression. Just as it had  done on Beatrice, when she first visited the lake district with her parents as a teenager. With the profits from her books she not only bought hilltop farm, but more farms and estates in the surrounding countryside as well. When she died in 1943, aged 77, she left fourteen farms and 4000 acres to the National trust, for us to enjoy.

I will take my daughters there this summer, so that they can see the beauty of the lakes for themselves. And perhaps, you never know, we will see see Peter Rabbit running through the fields in his blue jacket, or mr Jeremy Fisher sitting at the edge of a pond.

Have a good time!


Madelief x

* My photo's were taken at Hilltop farm, Hawkshead and the surrounding countryside.

 'One place suits one person, another place suits another person. For my part, I prefer to live in the country...'

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  1. beautiful pictures! I am ready to look at them again.

  2. Amazing and beautiful! I just love every picture you show us...a great post!
    Love from Titti

  3. I absolutely adore the Beatrix Potter stories and have an advertising shelf with the complete set in my sewing room! I've never been to Hill Top though and we have spoken of a holiday in the Lake District many times. Your photos are beautiful and it's definitely on my list for next year now. Xx

  4. Such a pretty house and beautiful countryside Madelief. I also loved the film with Renée Zellweger.
    I loved seeing your photographs. XXXX

  5. mooie fotos madelief ja lake district is prachtig en inderdaad beatrice potter county ik ben ook geweest en helaas niet bij hilltop farm maar wel in bowness in museum en the tearoom erg leuk vooral voor kleine kinderen maar ook voor volwassenen hi hi veel plezier deze zomer

  6. Wij waren er twee jaar geleden ook, in het Lake District, maar we zijn niet naar het huis van Beatrix Potter geweest. Zo jammer achteraf, want ik had het prachtig gevonden, dat weet ik zeker. Ach een volgende keer dan maar... Het is in ieder geval echt een prachtig gebied.
    Fijne dag,

  7. Hallo Madelief, wat een prachtig blog heb je! Ik ben ook gek op Engeland en Lake District (inclusief BP's huis en tuin) staat hoog op mijn lijstje om naar toe te gaan. We zijn voorgaande jaren naar Cornwall en Wales geweest. Mooie foto's maak je ook. Een genot om te zien allemaal! Nieuwe volgster van je blog hier :-) Groetjes, Wen

  8. Dit plekje staat hoop op mijn verlanglijstje voor een bezoek. Na het zien van jou foto's staat het alleen nog maar hoger. Zo mooi! XX Esther

  9. Er is ook een prachtige film over gemaakt. Wat een bijzondere vrouw. Groetjes Hetty

  10. It has been a while since we connected. I am still here and you are still there for which I'm thankful. Your photos in these last two posts leave me breathless and even more determine to visit at least the Potter cottage. I have traveled to the Lake District, but we only spent less than a day there and our trip focused on the two homes of William Wordsworth. My friend and I are once again dreaming of a trip to the UK and certainly the Lake District will be in the travel plans. You have once again inspired me. Your daughters will love visiting Beatrice's Potter's home, who wouldn't? Anxious to see your garden. We have one early daffodil in bloom.

  11. The lake district is somewhere I have never been but would love to visit one day. You chose a lovely time of year to visit. Sarah x

  12. Wat een leuke post zeg....heerlijk en wat een mooi land is Engeland toch...ben gek op Beatrix Potter....liefs van mij x ❤️

  13. Madelief,

    Wat een mooie fotoreeks
    over jouw sprookjeswereld
    Ik denk dat deze omgeving
    perfect past bij jouw denkwereld.

    Ik wens je prachtige lentedagen…

    Over de wijde heuvels
    verborgen valleien
    azuren meren
    zeilen zwijgend
    de wolkenschepen
    met boven hen
    het verre niets
    het lied van oneindigheid...

  14. Dearest Madelief,
    Oh, in Beatrix Potter's environment it looks as pretty as in her stories... One can envision all her stories.
    Glad you got to spend a week there and can go back with your daughters in the summer.
    Sending you hugs,

  15. We visited the Lake District for the first time a year or so ago. I absolutely loved Beatrix Potter's house and village and I often think of it. My memories have all come to life again seeing your beautiful photos! What an inspiring place, thankyou for sharing!xx

  16. Beatrix Potter's world is one I would love to visit one day. Your photos show such gentle beauty.

  17. Lieve Madelief..♥
    wauw ik vind foto's prachtig♥..wat bijzonder dat je daar geweest bent en wat een prachtige omgeving!!!...Ik ken de verhalen van Beatrix Potter ook wie niet eigenlijk ..zo,n mooi sprookje♥ verteller en vooral schrijfster♥ van een van de mooie prent boekjes♥ dan die tekeningen♥..
    ja het is beetje mijn sprookjeswereld haha..;)
    Lieve Lente♥groetjes Gaby..X♥X

  18. We visited her also last May and I fell in love with the countryside. How beautiful it is. Only one day to visit, but we would love to go back and stay awhile. It is just lovely. Thanks for the memories!

  19. What a wonderful treat to visit Beatrix Potter's home place and see her surroundings. I would love to see it in person some day. Your pictures are beautiful I'm sending this post to a friend of mine who is a Beatrix Potter follower also

  20. Simply wonderful photos, Madelief. And you avoided the crowds! The last time I went to Hill Top, it was like IKEA on a Saturday afternoon. I know the Lakes reasonably well, if you want any ideas for your next visit, drop me an email via the contact page on 'ABAB'. You'd probably enjoy Levens Hall and Sizergh Castle - but there's some wonderful countryside, as you know.


Thank you for your lovely words.